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boost if you have a cat
boost if you want a cat
boost if you are a cat
no one will know which

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For any trans people who need to hear this:

Your body is beautiful. You're worthy of being desired, if that's something you want.

Whether you choose to transition (and in whatever direction you want), and wherever you are in that process -- you're seen, you are believed, and I'm proud to be your sibling.

When you look in the mirror, you deserve to hear, "Hey, Beautiful." If you don't hear it in your voice, hear it in mine.

Your strength is incredible. You come from a long tradition of transgender people, stretching back to the earliest days of humanity.

Let the haters shout into the void. You don't need to. The Void already loves you. ✨​

(cis people please boost)

@h3artbl33d oh, and I use a bit of amsible and some scripts, slowly moving the whole thing to ansible

@h3artbl33d email, web, DNS, xmpp, mastodon, irc bouncer, a few other bits. Done on mix of baremetal and virtualisation.

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like if you think girls are cute, share if you want a robust public transit system, ignore if you're a jabroni mark

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Hey! Does anyone in the UK want a free HP network switch? I've got two:

A HP Procure 2824
A HP 2510G-24

Probably collection only (Canterbury / Kent area) and it'll have to be soon! Let me know if you're interested!!!

Please boost bcs otherwise I'm going to have to recycle them and I'd rather it goes to someone who needs / wants it than the trash!

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This is why I love the @emfcamp@twitter.com team so much

RT @emfcamp@twitter.com

Yes, we are a festival that uses VR to plan tent layouts

Credit: @CharlesYarnold@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/emfcamp/status/139

@jonty hi! Have a cat pic (the universal currency of mastodon) 😺

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England banned ship's cats in 1975 on "hygienic" grounds. Everything was downhill since then.
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There's an easter egg in the SNMP Mastery book. But because I'm in a mood, I'm gonna share it here as a fedi exclusive.

Get a mib browser. I'll demo with net-snmp.

grab my personal MIB at cdn.mwl.io/snmp/TWP.mib. Put it in your browser's MIB collection.

Widen your terminal.


snmptable -v2c -c megadweeb snmp.mwl.io mwlBooksTable

I am unreasonably, foolishly proud of this totally useless thing. :flan_hacker:

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