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and yet a trace of the true self

exists in the false self

I'm not sure how this I'd comfortable, but apparently it is.

More interesting things around Dundee this is the Tealing earth house, a 2500 year old under ground structure that might of been a food store, or maybe a ritual space.


@oct2pus @nia@catgirl.science The ipv6.he.net/certification/ ipv6 training stuff is good (and free).

@inkscape It would need some kind of warning on first use, I can see cases where a large background object is selected with a foreground object mostly covering it, then pasting something makes it hide behind the foreground object - not expected behaviour for the user!

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"It was her unintended affinity for the scary, dark new age, the falling-apart of digital technology, which employed her nearer to industrial culture."

Leah (@9billiontigers on twitter) writes about trans women and noise music:


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https://pastebin.com/GyMJus46 And as long as I'm still remembering, here's the paste I did in response to the thread asking about learning the Unix philosophy earlier. Probably imperfect or tattered in places, but as something which saves me effortposting, a decent outcome I think. (ignore the warning Pastebin gives, I included a quote or two in there which is profane according to their filters)
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For most of this year, @zwol and I have been working on a pretty ambitious project:
* to make a fresh release of GNU Autoconf, a crucial #FLOSS build tool that hadn't had a new release since 2012
* to get paid for that
* to help put Autoconf on a more sustainable footing so it doesn't have to get rescued again a little while down the road

Autoconf 2.70 is due out next month, and you can read my fresh LWN story about the rejuvenation & what's next:


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Just finished working on a battery management system - my first stab at embedded development. Blocking Big Battery Booms! (with bootloaders)

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