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Here’s the #GreenYes paper we launched this morning, setting out the @ScottishGreens case for a #green #independent Scotland - progressive, democratic, welcoming and sustainable.

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

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I have a new #knitting pattern out today, for a tabby cat in a fairy-tale outfit. She was so lovely to design and knit, I hope knitters will check out the pattern. 🐱 ❤️
#KnittingDesign #KnittingToys #toys #cats

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You know for years I've had this enormous Cassandra complex about social network design but I've found a Brand New Attitude as you can see below

Thank u Elon

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this is not a "we are forcing normal people to understand scary programming things" problem. this is a "corporations are doing everything to make people so strongly anti-learning and so against trying new things that they voluntarily refuse to use anything except for their own product" problem

it's very intentional and absolutely not something that just happened on its own. it's a lot easier and more convenient to keep your users using your product if you turn them against the fundamental concept of "learning other things"

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Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a software developer based in the south-west of England. If I’m known for anything, it’s my ‘National Grid: Live’ site at which receives 7,000,000 page views a year. #introduction

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I decided to just launch a journalism instance for fun and as an experiment:

Feel free to share the invite code with your non-Mastodon Journo friends:

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@thegibson "I don't even see the code. All I see is enby, furry, Hackers movie reference."

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Took the Smol Dog out to Dalmeny Estate for his first visit. He very much approved.

Spot the Forth Rail Bridge between the trees. #Scotland #doglife

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Not Just Bikes is now on Mastodon!

This is the official account for the Not Just Bikes YouTube channel.

#notjustbikes #urbanplanning #cycling #trams #trains

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Rebuilding community here. Who are some #developer and #linux peeps I should be following? Feel free to “retoot?” Lol

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today was my last tweet on the birdsite, i've done this so i can request a tweet archive download. i don't know how long twitters going to stay up now that elmo's fired a big chunk of twitter

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Hello! I'm a new and want to announce myself. Plenty of interests to share - #Scottishfootball at any level (bar the Old Squirm😉), #StMirren especially, but also my grandfather's team, #QPFC (#QueensParkFC) and always #ScotlandNationalTeam.

Outside of footy, there's always these (in no order):


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Relaxing after getting caught outside in a rain shower

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Hello nerdy Mastodon:

Before I put a ton of resources into this. Does anyone have a tool, set of scripts, or resource they use and recommend for setting up training environments?

I want to spin up a vpc with multiple subnets and multiple hosts, then clone that many times. It can be in any cloud provider.

Needs to run a Linux on each host, have a couple of private CIDRs and one host having a public IP.

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